Baby Goat Cuteness

A short post to kick of a new round of posting… this short video needs no words to describe it further than cute baby goat!

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Wordcamp Midatlantic final session with Jane Wells

Wordcamp Midatlantic in Baltimore Maryland has been an all-day event showcasing, explaining, and exploring the WordPress platform.  This post is being posted while the live webcam is going on with Jane Wells. Aaron Brazell (@Technosailor) is moderating the interview.  It’s a brave and well-executed session done while Jane is traveling in a car (in Florida)… as can be seen in the pic.

The interview is covering technical areas such as GPL and the next release of WordPress.

Update: Live-streamed video clip (15 minutes) – video camera moved up to the 2nd row during the stream.

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How To Make Money From The 2010 Blizzards

It’s Snowing Money!

The blizzards of 2010 are almost a memory, but there’s still time to start to cash in on the Snowpocalypse / Snowmageddon / SnOMG / whatever-you-call-it.

How? Take some snow, put it in a container, and save it to sell after it’s all gone. Supply and Demand.

Whether you use eBay, Craigslist, or your favorite snow-lovers forum, it’s been shown that there is almost always a buyer for everything. The old Jay Leno / Tonight show had a segment Stuff We Found On Ebay where the audience was invited to guess if something was sold, or not.

The snow could be sold in two forms: frozen or melted. A buyer will want more proof if it’s melted, perhaps, but it cuts down on your overhead. Frozen snow could be a premium item, with extra shipping costs or local-delivery only.

A snowball could be the best item, as it has some practical value for the buyer. They can use it to get the last laugh on the blizzards of 2010 (or any other year)!

So get that snow, document it with photos and/or video to prove to buyers, and then get inspired to rake in serious cash!

But will it sell online?

Here’s a video of the Jay Leno show to further inspire you that sometimes people will buy stuff you may not…

A Hamster Coffin was not sold at $100 offered, a Sully “Pilot Hat” sold for $5800, a trophy of a police doing target practice was not sold… the “Secret of Invisibility” was sold for over $20, and a used Walmart name badge sold for over $10.  Viewer discretion advisable for both of the videos below, but since it’s Jay Leno is may be SFW (Safe For Work):

And another video with more controversial items, including Paris Hilton’s, well, watch and see if you want:

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Snowadoes are real? A Snownado by any other name

The snow storm of early February 2010 happening now on the East Coast of the USA getting additional panic by word of possible SNOWNADOES.  According to the Urban Dictionary a snownado is real.

And there are videos of these… the first one has someone skiing into what is more of a “dust devil” made of snow:

And this next one apparently taken from a chairlift:

And this one is smaller…

More to follow if these pop up for real in the next few hours.

(update: they didn’t show up. Comments are disabled due to comment spam.)

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Snuggie Zombie Attack Imminent

While driving today the idea came into my head of making a short film about a special batch of Snuggies that cause people to turn into zombies.

But before I could get near a camera, it turns out there are some photos and clips already on the web. One of the clips is embedded below:

(short clip)

And a clip that is probably not a sign of an attack by a zombie:

(very short clip)

There also are reports of Snuggies that can protect against zombies.

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More more more!

The site has some more fresh articles and posts coming your way. It’s been a while, and worth the wait. The goal is provide a site worth visiting for the fun & useful items here.

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TechCocktail DC 6 quick recap

Tonight’s TechCocktail DC 6 event at LeftBank in Adams Morgan area of Washington DC was a blowout, filled with the local tech crowd.  Over 200 of the people sweated it out (AC was a little underpowered for such a hot crowd!) while seeing several startups & other companies showcase their stuff.

The first photo below is Frank Gruber welcoming the crowd, prior to some nice give-aways:


The gallery below has more photos of the event:

TechCocktail is also here on twitter.

Short video from the event:

Another short video, going in a circle from a spot in the back of the LeftBank club:

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Poptoid pops up

And there is no shortage of pop that is popping up all over.  Can’t get enough?  Thought so.  Or maybe not.  Stay with us, and click around for more!

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